subtitle imaginative music after an etching by M. C. Escher

instruments large ensemble

commissioned by Gageego!

year of production 2016



duration 20’

first performance 
March 22nd 2016
Stenhammarsalen, Göteborg
Christian Karlsen


work comments

Waterfall is a lithograph by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher printed 
for the first time in October 1961. 
It shows an apparent paradox where water from a water falls base looks to run up until it finally represents the same water falls inlet.
The picture shows a village or part of a city with an elevated aqueduct with a waterfall that runs a water focus. It is a tonal based work in three movements. 

1. Waterfall - noise-like music 
2. Wheel - perpetual motion of a lot of tones and harmonic fields. 
3. Bridge. Merging of these ideas.


[…] ”Här har Staern gått in i bilden med hela sin animerande musikaliska fantasi och gör oss delaktiga i ett förlopp som utmynnar i ett lustfyllt unisont djungelvrål från ensemblen då vi mot slutet lockas att samfällt kasta oss ut och bli ett med vattnets vilt roterande rörelser.” […]

”Here Staern entered the picture with the entire animating musical imagination and makes us participate in a process leading to a joyful unison roars from the ensemble as we towards the end enticed to collectively throw us out and become one with the water wildly rotating movements.”

Martin Nyström, March 22nd 2016